+ WHAT is r certified?

R Certified is a consumer trustworthy symbol representing those businesses running on renewable energy. 'R' is relivant for, but not limited to Shops Products and Events.

+ what is the purpose of R certified?

To get the whole world to run on renewable energy! We believe that through consumer power we can change the world, and in the process help to solve climate change!


+ what are the requirements?

To become R Certified, businesses/events need to run on atleast 50% renewable energy, and if they draw more energy from the grid it must come from an ethical energy retailer with no ties to fossil fuels. :)

+ Dont know how much renewable energy you already have

Thats fine! We can work it out from a combination of your energy bill and a simple 15 minute call.

+ WHAT If i dont have solar/wind or any renewable energy source?

This is where Green Power can save the day!


Green Power ensures the amount of energy you use will be matched by a renewable energy producer increasing the amount of renewable electricity into the grid.

+ how hard is it to become R Certified?

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You send us your energy bill, and let us know roughly your percentage of renewable energy you already have and we will give you a straight up answer. Simple!


+ Dont want certification but free advise

Awesome! We created 'R' to help every business change to renewable energy, certification or not, your incredible!


+ Why is Certification Free?

Certification costs $600p.a. . . However.

This is a kinda sneaky way to say it's FREE, but here you can see our honesty. R Certification tends to cost $600 pa, however we are Partnering with as many ethical businesses as we can, so that the benefits will far outweigh the $600, because to us, it doesn't seem right that businesses doing good for the planet should be financially out of pocket.


+ what benefits do i get being certified

We offer major savings through our partners see answer above ^ . We also offer customer awareness through various platforms.