1. Run on a minimum of 50% Renewable Energy + Green Power.


Green Power ensures the amount of energy you use will be matched by a renewable energy producer increasing the amount of renewable electricity into the grid.

Email us your latest electricity bill and we'll let you know for free how much it will cost to run your business on renewable energy (excluding certification). 

2. If connected to the grid, you must support an energy provider with no ties to fossil fuels.

NB: We have no financial ties with any electricity retailer, we pass the benefit onto you. We just want to make it easier for you to make a difference. We can email your electricity bill, with your permission, to our partner retailer so you can find out how much it would cost you to switch to an ethical retailer. Email us.

Thats it! Just 2 steps :)

Certification fee = $0 ?

What we will do For You

We are on a mission to educate everyone in the world about the power of their consumer dollars. Conscious consumers are increasing in numbers around the world and we're here to enhance its growth.

Wherever there is an opportunity to talk at a public event, school, university, in a newspaper, video, television show, or magazine, we will be grabbing it with both hands. Press & Media

You will have the rights to use our logo on your products and throughout your business premises and align yourself with our movements.

We will promote your business to our building community of conscious consumers and social media platforms. 

Our logo is gaining momentum and consumers are starting to recognising it and voting with their wallet.

We will provide you with one on one support during the transition process to a renewable energy source and answer any questions with simplicity, along the way..

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