Why is it $0 for certification ?

Well this is a kinda sneaky way to say it's FREE, but here you can see our honesty. R Certification tends to cost $600 pa, however we are Partnering with as many ethical businesses as we can, so that the benefits will far outweigh the $600, because to us, it doesn't seem right that businesses doing good for the planet should be financially out of pocket.

These businesses have no ties to fossil fuels and have strong beliefs in making our planet a happier place.

By switching to them or using their business you are not only making your whole business more integral and ethical inside and out,

you are also saving money.

If you are R Certified you can get financial kick backs from these businesses.

For instance:

If you want to get solar installed, you can now get $300 off your Solar Installation if you choose Heinz Solar.

This discount is exclusive to R Certified businesses and will, in a way, bring your R Certification down to $300.

" Businesses doing good things for the planet should be rewarded"

Heinz Solar is our first partner :) and while he only services the Northern Rivers, N.S.W.

our list of partners will be growing. 


If you are a company that would like to collaborate and discuss how we can help R Certified businesses more, feel free to Contact Us.